CAS IT Services –

The CRM software for IT companies

More competitiveness for your business

CAS IT Services –

The CRM solution for the IT industry

More competitiveness for your business


More than 400,000
delighted users


Multi-award winning
CRM solutions


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CAS IT Services – for expert service

Professional customer service is the key to success, especially when marketing products requiring explanation, and supporting customers over the entire product lifecycle. The decisive factors are efficient project execution and skilled response to inquiries in every project phase.

CAS IT Services is specially tailored to the needs of the IT sector. The CRM software assists IT contractors and software-makers throughout the customer lifecycle, from marketing to long-term service backup. It is founded on CAS genesisWorld, the multi-award winning CRM solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. Over 300,000 users worldwide rely on our CRM solutions in their day-to-day work. – Discover the benefits for yourself in our free webinar.

How CAS IT Services can support your business:

Exploit cross-selling potential, and implement multi-level campaigns. The CRM system enables you to measure responses and forward leads to Sales.

Product marketing

Lots of departments – one centralized data set. Whether appointments, tasks or documents: you manage all your information in one place, delivering maximum efficiency.

Interdepartmental collaboration

CAS IT Services provides you with detailed time recording functionality, enabling you to record and bill customer or project specific services.

Service features

Exploit your full selling potential! Leads are tracked from initial contact through to closing. Informative reports helps identify sales potential with existing customers.

Sales to new and existing customers

The trouble ticket system logs service requests directly in your CRM system. It’s also where you manage the responsibility for responding to them. It really couldn’t be any easier!

Service and support

Resources are the gold of the IT business. Plan your resources and budgets directly in your CRM system. Charts provide you with a clear overview of costs and time commitment.

Manage resources

Centralized data basis for the entire business


CAS IT Services also provides the data basis for the entire business: Just one application holds all the information on customers and projects, available for all staff to view and keep up-to-date, depending on their assigned rights. This ensures interdepartmental collaboration: from acquisition, through project working to professional support, so your customers will appreciate the high levels of service you provide, and be happy to recommend you to others.

Project management made easy

Project management is remarkable easy with CAS IT Services. You can plan your project resources with just a few clicks. The visually appealing Project Cockpit provides you with a quick and easy overview of your set goals, milestones, and risks. You can incorporate budgets and costs into your planning right from the start, while an early-warning system ensures your projects stay on course at all times. The graphical view allows you to monitor your staff capacity utilization, and avoid scheduling collisions. All this enables IT companies to manage and bill their projects simply and efficiently.

Make room for outstanding customer relationships

With the CAS IT Services CRM software, IT companies can concentrate on the most important thing – their customers. CAS IT Services manages all the customer and project related information in a central location, as well as making it accessible while on the move. Maximum flexibility, minimum cost. Make use of this professional support in marketing your products and services, and delight your customers time and time again. 


Project and resource planning with time recording



Helpdesk support in handling service inquiriesn



Transparent sales processes thanks to forecasts and reports



Intuitive user interface and high usability



Hotline backed by knowledge database and FAQs



Easy invoicing thanks to Easy-Invoice and ERP interface


Delighted customers speak for themselves

"Using the CAS IT Services CRM solution has a positive effect on all our working processes."

Ingo Kubatschka, CEO, GeK-iS Systemhaus GmbH & Co. KG

„With CAS IT Services we were able to improve our service support, and make our business processes leaner.“

Markus Hengstenberg, managing partner
and co-founder of oraïse GmbH

„Dynamic reports provide us with a constant overview, and unified project templates make our day-to-day business operations easier.“

Tobias Hammerschmidt, director of Hübner IT Solutions GmbH

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CRM for IT companies – top-class service as key to success


Expert consulting, high-quality support, and project managers who deliver their projects on schedule and within budget: those are key factors in gaining a competitive edge in the IT sector. The CAS IT Services CRM software is specially tailored to the needs of the sector, supporting all staff in customer relations, project management, and helpdesk operations. That saves time and money, and provides you with the freedom to focus on what really matters: providing your customers with top-class service.

This webinar reveals how CAS IT Services can help you maintain your customer relationships, enhance your project efficiency, and sustainably build your business.


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